Attribution Theories

Topics: Attribution theory, Psychology, Theory Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: January 22, 2014

Application of Theories
Vignette #2
Social Cognition – Psych 6201-2
Victoria Dominguez
December 28, 2013
Dr. Brian Uldall

The two attributions theories I have chosen for this paper are Heider’s “Naive Psychology Theory” And Kelley’s “Covariation Model.” The vignette I chosen is number two, James, 35-year-old African-American male. Heider’s Attribution Theory: The Naive Psychology of Traits. Heider founded the study of how ordinary people think about each other. In 1958 Heider contributed to two central ideas in which the idea of studying how regular people make sense of each other. The first study is how people think about other people which can keep these two meaningful data for scientific analysis. We shall make use of the unformulated or half –formulated knowledge of interpersonal relations as it is expressed in our everyday language and experience -- this source shall be referred to as common -sense or naïve psychology (Heider). Heider made a suggestion that we should listen to what people say about how they think about other people during gathering, peoples every day theories. In order to be able to do that one must talk to ordinary people which are a good source of information. Heider had a very great deal of respect for ordinary people, even to the fact that Heider invented the term naïve psychology. Heider’s second major proposal argued that psychologists have to customize every data from people’s everyday experience, making them more precise, coherent, and scientific (Fiske, 2012). Heider’s is able to point out that using scientific theory and research can provide concessional framework that reveals the common pattern among the diverse events. His work has made the painstaking analyzes every personality, drawing from impressive range of then-available science. Ordinary people are able to know how other ordinary people think. But many people are not always correct in knowing how other people think which happens to...
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