Attributes of a Dog

Topics: High school, Dog, Dog health Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: November 17, 2008
A dog is an animal that is loyal to its rightful owner. In this case, the rightful owner would be my parents. Whatever they ask of me, I do it (most of the time) without question. When a dog is asked to fetch a bone, the dog usually does it. When someone the dog doesn’t know harm or attempt to harm its owner, the dog will stand by its owner and protect it at any cost. If I happened to have a girlfriend, and if her name, for some strange reason, happened to be named Krystal, I would protect her AT ANY COST. If my family was in danger, I would do anything to protect them. A dog is an animal that has hair all over its body. If a dog has any scars or cuts, its hair covers it up so that it is not clearly visible when glanced upon at first. I, like any other average high school student, have had many problems that have scarred me for life; events and outcomes that cannot be forgotten. Yet on the outside everything looks normal and fine. A dog can cover up its scars and cuts; it looks perfectly normal on the exterior. When I am looked at, I look happy and content. But inside, it is the complete opposite. A dog is an animal that has a face of ambiguity. You cannot tell if a dog is happy or sad by looking at its face. I am a guy who is distressing most of the time, due to domestic issues at home. However, my facial expression is generally the same and, although it being blissful most of the time, that is not the current state of my mind at the moment. If I woke up before school to see my dad throw a chair at my mom and my sister when I was only 7 years old, I would be sad for the whole day. But if a friend tells me a funny joke that same day, I would still laugh. A dog is animal with quick instincts and mobility. On the basketball court, I consider myself to be one of the more agile athletes out there. I can fetch a ball, and I can keep an offensive player in front of me without getting beat as well. The dog can jump relatively high, whether it is for fun or for...
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