Attributes of a Critical Thinker

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Attributes of a Critical thinker
• asks pertinent questions 
• assesses statements and arguments 
• is able to admit a lack of understanding or information  • has a sense of curiosity 
• is interested in finding new solutions 
• is able to clearly define a set of criteria for analyzing ideas • is willing to examine beliefs, assumptions, and opinions and weigh them against facts  • listens carefully to others and is able to give feedback  • sees that critical thinking is a lifelong process of self-assessment  • suspends judgment until all facts have been gathered and considered  • looks for evidence to support assumption and beliefs  • is able to adjust opinions when new facts are found  • looks for proof 

• examines problems closely
• is able to reject information that is incorrect or irrelevant  Ferrett, S. Peak Performance (1997). 

• Annotating: Fundamental to each of these strategies is annotating directly on the page: underlining key words, phrases, or sentences; writing comments or questions in the margins; bracketing important sections of the text; constructing ideas with lines or arrows; numbering related points in sequence; and making note of anything that strikes you as interesting, important, or questionable.  o Most readers annotate in layers, adding further annotations on second and third readings. o Annotations can be light or heavy, depending on the reader's purpose and the difficulty of the material.  

• Previewing: Learning about a text before really reading it. Previewing enables readers to get a sense of what the text is about and how it is organized before reading it closely. This simple strategy includes seeing what you can learn from the headnotes or other introductory material, skimming to get an overview of the content and organization, and identifying the rhetorical situation.

• Contextualizing: Placing a text in its...
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