Attracted To Terror

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Devonne Waters
Ron Guthrie
5 Dec 2012
Attracted to Terror

Horror movies are known as adrenaline boosters. People go to see the movie just to boost their heart rates. For example, a couple arrives at the movie theatre ready to see the newest Michael Myers movie. At the beginning of the movie tension is built to get the movie viewers ready to meet the main attraction, Michael Myers. When he finally comes into the movie the movie viewers’ heart rate starts to rises, because they are either scared or excited. At the end of the movie their hearts are almost beating out of their chests, but that will not stop them from going to see the movie again. People are attracted to horror movies for many different reasons, but their brains play a major role in getting the horror fanatics’ hearts racing, which is the role of controlling the reactions of the movie viewers. This story was to show people that horror films attract people in two different ways. The first way is that the movie-goers could be horror fanatics. The second way that people are attracted to horror movies is through their brain. Yes, that sounds weird but the brain plays a great part in being scared of horror films. The cause of wanting to be scared has something to do with the brain. As David Konow mentioned in Reel Terror, “The brain has different functions and affecting people’s reactions to horror films is one.” Thomas Richard Fahy, author of Philosophy of Horror, claims that some people’s brains are wired for being scared, especially the thrill seeking people. When the brain senses a stressful situation, certain parts of it take action. The emotional controls of the brain affect the movie viewers’ reactions to the scary parts of the movie. The brain plays a major role in the reaction to a horror film, but the movie viewer also plays a role in the horror film situation, because the movie viewer has reasons as to why he or she likes to be scared. For all of their stomach-turning gore,...

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