Attitudes Towards Family Planning

Topics: World population, Demography, Population growth, Population, Demographic economics, Overpopulation / Pages: 2 (386 words) / Published: Oct 6th, 2012

The earth is in the midst of a population explosion which threatens to exhaust the common resources upon which its inhabitants depend. Since 1932, human population has grown from 2billion to 5.3billion people, with approximately 3.8billion of these people living in the third world. In the next decade, demographers estimate that the earth’s population will exceed 6billion people, with ninety percent of this growth occurring in developing countries. This unprecedented population increase serves as a central impediment to alleviating the poverty of billions in the third world. Further moreover population is the major impetus which threatens to drive the entire human race out of the homeostatic balance, in areas such as food production capacity water purity, and pollution control .(jain,1985)

The main aim of family planning is to improve the quality of life. When working to achieve this aim, we need to reflect the ideals in quality of services provided and how these services are sought. (Huezo, 1997)

Effective family planning programs make the rapid spread of voluntary modern family planning methods possiblein any country. Such programs help people achieve their personal reproductive goals. (Robey et al.,1994)

Fertility and future projected population growth are much higher in sub-Saharan Africa than in any other region of the world, and decline in birth rates, which was already modest, has slowed even further over the past decade. (Bongaarts 2008)

Concern that uncontrolled population growth will hinder the attainment of development and health goals among the people in Rubaya sub-county led to the present study, which rests on the assumption that fertility will decline only if the population at large adopts effective modern methods of conception, as witnessed in other parts of the world.

Broad objective

The main goal of the study is to determine people’s attitudes towards family planning and its adoption among the people of Rubaya

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