Attitudes Towards Aging

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Attitudes Towards Aging
Myths of aging are negative beliefs about older adults
Stereotypes of aging are one-size-fits-all beliefs about older adults. •Life-long learning is the idea that we continue to learn throughout our lives. It is the view that we need to seek formal (training or courses) and informal learning opportunities throughout our working lives. •Reframing is the ability to take a situation and look at it from a variety of angles until we find a positive view of it. What this means for the Older Worker

Negative attitudes toward aging and Older Workers have a considerable impact on our ability to make decisions and find employment. •By changing our own attitudes, we can help change social attitudes as well. •Reframing negative attitudes and making a commitment to life-long learning are sure ways to a healthy and satisfying life. Myths

As an Older Worker you may encounter negative social attitudes about aging. Some might imply that age affects your job performance. Others might suggest that you can no longer learn new tasks. Negative attitudes toward aging can start to affect people as young as those in their mid-40s. Many of these social attitudes are based on myths and stereotypes. A few of theses myths are: Myth #1: Older Workers can't learn new tasks or technology.

Reality: There is no evidence that Older Workers have less ability to learn now than at any other time in their lives. It may even be easier to learn now because teaching has changed to reflect different learning styles. Myth #2: Older Workers don't need or want to work. All they think about is retirement.

Reality: Many people enjoy working up to the age of 70 or beyond, and many others may not have sufficient retirement income to allow them to retire. Myth #3: Older Workers should leave the work force to make room for younger workers.

Reality: The work force needs contributions from people of all ages. Older Workers have valuable work and life experience to share...
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