Attitude Towards Older People

Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: May 6, 2013

Expectations from most of the youngster towards elderly has always emphasized to negative impact to those who hears them. For sure, one shall not know things that did not see. These elderly generations are the one who has spent almost of their entire live, sacrificing their energy, family-time towards the economy, country and the nation. Back then, they were many events, recession as such, racial conflict once, colonialism and etc, of course these youngsters generation were not there to see, feel, contribute in those events. The elderly generation were those people who have to face it and make sacrifice in such events.

It is not hard to treat the elderly and it is also not that easy though. Some says this generation needs a little, a bunch of little they say. Comparison between youngster and elderly in eating as such, youngsters are in needs of eating with quite a quantity and they eat with a long period of gap. Elderly the other hand, this generation eats with just a little quantity but constantly, perhaps between two to three hours of gap time each meal.

The golden rules of towards older people are respect and attention. Respect is the most important attitude to show to the humankind in the world despites to the elderly, the same generation nor younger generation. With respect people can gain trust , with respect it shows how one will treat the others who are not same level, and with respect many could be tell about their true personality. Respect attitude towards older people has always been an important thing in our social live in my point of view. The older people are not the same age, same level, the way they think and talk are totally different. Furthermore, we never knew who were they once when they were young and with career. Listen their thoughts, ideas, give them way to walk, make them as a priority of having some hospitality to show appreciation are the least we could do.

Attention does not come alone...
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