Attitude Towards an Advertisement

Topics: Race, Advertising, Black people Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Attitude towards an Advertisement: Creating Otherness

In an image conscious world, advertising can have severe affects on certain areas of society. Flashy advertisements that catch the eye of an individual are ones that most commonly succeed in promoting products. In particular, children are the ones that are most attracted by the media hype for the sale of goods.

While advertising is a form of producing persuasive messages for the purpose to gain attention of the targeted audience as well as to affect the attitudes, behavior of these consumers. However the most important point is that, the level of influence differs from one personality to another for each persuasive message.

Consumer behavior depends on marketing policy or vice versa. Textual, visual or audible information that violets the generally accepted norms of humanity and morality through the use of offensive language, comparisons and images on relation to race, nationality, profession, social category, age group, sex, language, or the religious, philosophical, political or other beliefs of physical persons. It disparages the objectives of art of national or international value.

For example, in nineteenth century there was an advertisement on “Pears’ Soap” published in a British Magazine. A typical Pears' Soap advertisement figures a black child and a white child together in a lavatory. The lavatory is the inmost sanctuary of domestic hygiene. The soap offers a renovation allegory whereby the purification of the domestic body becomes a metaphor for the regeneration of the body.

In this particular ad, the black boy sits in the bath, staring into the water as if into a foreign element.  A white body, clothed in a white apron- the familiar fetish of domestic purity- bends compassionately over his 'lesser' brother, bestow upon him the earlier talisman of racial progress.

The magical obsession of soap promises the commodity can regenerate the Family of Man by...
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