Attitude Is Everything

Topics: Thing, The Key, The A-Team Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: August 31, 2013
Connor BlahBlah 1
Mr. Klongerbo
Honors English III
28 August 2013
“Attitude is everything”

“A smile and a positive attitude is the key to happiness” is my motto. I agree with the author that “attitude is everything” because the ability to choose your attitude, feelings, opinions, etc., affects the way you feel about life. Attitude stimulates energy and is the difference between having a “good day” or a “bad day”. “Attitude is everything” because it elicits the positive aspects of life, and eliminates most negative aspects that intercede your desire to succeed. Last year, my bowling team became discouraged during a game, because we were losing by a few points. A positive change in our attitude came when the next three bowlers each bowled a strike. Their positive response became contagious, and as a team, we fed off one another’s positive energy. It was a winning attitude that made the difference between winning and losing that day and needless to say, our team prevailed. Sometimes positive outcomes can change your attitude for the better, but always having a positive attitude, even when things are rough, is an effective way to reach your goals. When I think of successful people, the one thing in common, is a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is definitely a choice that we all have, and people who remain positive are not dissuaded by negativity. Positive attitude is believing you can achieve something even when the odds are against you. Attitude really is everything!
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