Attitude and Teacher Qualification as Factors Affecting Students’ Participation in Physical Education Activities

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Chapter I


Background of the Study
The high school students are full of energy at this point in time of their developmental stage a normal human beings and as such they engage in various activities. In the subject of Physical Education (P.E.) these students manifest their individual attitude towards participation in Physical Education activities. This study is interested looking closely into this situation and would like to determine the effect of the factors of attitude and teachers’ qualification towards students’ participation in Physical Education activities at Basilan National High School. Recent research has shown that degenerative diseases begin in early childhood. As Kaercher (1981) wrote, "There's increasing evidence in youngsters of high cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure, obesity and other conditions that are associated with heart disease, stroke and other disorders" (p. 20). Bucher (1982) stated that medical specialists blame deaths due to heart disease, cancer, and stroke largely on "changes in lifestyle characterized by factors over which doctors have little or no control" (p.13). Research suggests that regular physical activity, begun in childhood, may help prevent degenerative diseases. According to Hanson (1974), "The necessity of physical activity for a growing child is well-documented in terms of growth and fitness needs. Physical activity increases muscle tone, improves respiration and circulation, benefits digestion, aids in controlling obesity, promotes rehabilitation after illness and surgery, and stimulates proper growth and development Physical benefits alone could be sufficient reason for supporting physical education programs." (p. 2). And Reiff (1977, p. 26) reported that high school students involved in an eight-week program of physical activity showed gains in fitness. The above-cited researches on physical education and its importance is taken into consideration in this study on the factors affecting students’ participation in physical education activities of Basilan National High School.

Statement of the Problem
This study attempted to determine the attitude and teachers qualification as factors affecting the students’ participation in physical education activities at Basilan National High School;
Specifically, it tried to answer the following questions:
1. What is the attitude of the students towards participation in physical education at Basilan National High School in terms of: 1.1`gender
1.2 religion
1.3 ethnicity
1.4 socio-economic status
2. Do the factors of attitude and teachers qualification affect the students’ participation in physical education activities at Basilan National High School?
3. Is there a significant difference in the effect of the factors of attitude and teachers qualification in the students’ participation in physical education activities in terms of: 3.1 gender

3.2 religion
3.3 ethnicity
3.4.socio-economic status?

Significance of the Study
The results of this study provide additional information for the benefit of the following:
School administrators – the data in this study will be subject to further study and consideration and could serve as basis for the construction of approaches and programs to enhance students’ participation the school’s physical education activities.

Physical Education Teachers - they will be able to access data gathered in this study for their guide in the preparation of effective teaching methods which could motivate the students to actively participate in the physical education activities in school.

Students – they will gain additional knowledge from the findings in this study and will serve as eye opener for them towards better participation in the physical education activities programmed by the school.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study
This study is concentrated in the identification of the factors which affect the students...

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