Attitude and behavior of rural consumers towards branded FMCG products

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Topics: Marketing
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Under Guidance of
Director, Punjab College of Technical Education,
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This is to certify that the thesis/dissertation entitled, “Attitude and Behavior of
Rural Consumers towards Branded FMCG Products” submitted for the degree of PhD, in the subject of Marketing of the Punjab Technical University is a bonafide research work carried out by Ms. Sukhjinder Baring, registration
No. 11.29.05, under my supervision and that no part of this thesis/dissertation has been submitted for any other degree.
The assistance and help received during the course of investigation have been fully acknowledged.

Major Advisor
(Dr. K.N.S.Kang)
Director General
PCTE Group of Institutes
Baddowal, Ludhiana

This dissertation could have been made successful under the kind support of my coach Dr. K.N.S.Kang, Director General, PCTE Group of Institutes. His name is ought to come when the question rises that how did I proceed while conducting the realistic project. He cleared the lines of technicalities related to thesis work and how to make a thesis subjective enough to convey message and to run down to better output that has not been brought earlier.
Secondly, I gratefully acknowledge Dr. O.P.Sahni, Dean, PCTE, who helped me in all respects for providing me guidance and motivation during my research. I am thankful to all my colleagues for getting the questionnaire filled from different areas of Punjab. Also I am grateful to all the respondents who gave me their precious time and helped me in getting true and unbiased results. I have worked with a great number of people whose

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