Attila the Hun Study Questions and Answers

Topics: Attila the Hun, Valentinian III, Byzantine Empire Pages: 3 (576 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Extra Credit Movie 1st 9 Weeks

What prophecy did the Huns have?

unite the tribes and challenge Rome for the right to rule the world What happens to Attila’s father? How does Attila survive?
Attila's father dies / Attila picks up an arrow and stabs it into a horseman's knee and the horseman then falls off his horse and Attila steals the horse and rides away Who is the red-headed woman and why does Attila spare her?

Nacara / she impressed Attila with her bravery
Why is Flavius Aetius released? What was he in prison for?
he knows the Huns better than anyone else and to find a way to defeat the Huns / treason - he tried to dispose of the Queen What does Attila want to do after his defeat of the farm village? Attack Rome

What does the Galen prophecy say about Attila?
He will rule with the God of War's sword
What does Emperor Valantinian rule, east or west? What would he rather do than work with Aetius?

What does Aetius plot with the foiled assassination of the Emperor? To turn the emperor against his mother
Why does Aetius visit Rua the Hun?
To offer an "alliance" with the Huns and Romans
What suggestion of Aetius’s does Rua take?
To join the alliance and divide the spoils of wars/battles equally How did the alliance beat the Visigoths?

What does Aetius invite Attila to do? Does Attila accept?
To go to Rome with him / Yes
What does Aetius hope to accomplish with this scheme?
To befriend Attila and keep him at bay from starting a war.
What does Attila notice about the bath?
It is hot ???
What does Aetius want Attila and the princess Honoria to do? To marry
Why does Attila return to the Huns?
His uncle is dead
How does Attila challenge and defeat his brother, Bleda?
throwing an arrow at his feet /
Who does Attila attack after he takes his brother’s place? Why? The Northern Huns
What does N’Kara tell Attila at Galen’s grave? What is the result? That she is pregnant / He doesn't leave to conquer other lands How does Attila fulfill...
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