Attendance Policy - Essay

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Attendance policy

Have you ever been late to school and it wasn’t your fault? Did it make you mad or

upset because you have to make up what you missed? Well, the attendance policy won’t

do anything about it or give kids a fair chance to explain what happened. It’s ridiculous

how bad this economy is becoming. Do adults not think that teens have their own social

lives away from school?

First, everyone has there bad days and I mean EVERYONE!!! And some kids just can’t

make it to school on time everyday. Things just happen, like your car breaking down, or

even something like the weather changing unexpectedly. You can’t do anything about

that. The policy for attendance still won’t accept that, and it’ just not fair for the kids

who have to make it all up. I mean, if it’ not your fault and you didn’t expect it why

should you have to pay the price?

Secondly, who has time for attendance school? Most high school kids don’t, they not

only have their social and family lives to deal with but also homework and jobs to worry

about. No one has time to make up all the after school make ups for attendance. And it

just makes everything even more stressful. And who in their right mind wants more

stress put on their shoulders? Not me!!!

Lastly, what happens if you don’t have the money to pay for all the attendance school?

Not everyone has money, you know, and paying for attendance school can get really

expensive. And you don’t want to pay for that do you? We shouldn’t only get two days

that we get to miss without having to stay after school. Teens have there own lives and its

really stressful . everyone thinks we can just get over it like it was nothing, but you are all

wrong. We need a few extra days that were allowed to miss and we need it now!

High school attendance policies are ridiculous, and now we need a fair change. Teens are

busy people and we need cut some slack. Things occur with it not being our...
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