Attaining Sustainable Development with a Green Economy

Topics: Sustainability, Poverty, Millennium Development Goals Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: October 8, 2011
Attaining Sustainable Development with a Green Economy

By: Salim Salihu Muhammed

In today’s growing economy, plausible achievements have been recorded in Nigeria’s reform programs; regardless of the translation of “achieved economic growth” on the livelihood of the citizenry, the growth indices puts the country on the track of sound economic rebirth. Over the short while, the financial sector had received attention with various reforms and strategies aimed at positioning the nation on a sound foot to growth. No doubt, a sustainable growth can best be achieved with a sound and virile financial institutions, the quest to give agriculture a nearer interest is a well deserve consolidation for the “rescued” financial sector. Having noted Nigeria’s potentials of low-carbon profiles and rich natural assets, the development of a green economy would make the financial system more environmentally sustainable because of the less dependent on fossil fuel-based technologies.

With agriculture as the plateau for economic growth, the development of a green economy will aid the nation in its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) drive towards reducing poverty and enhance its social development targets that have a 2015 deadline. A green economy is an economy or economic development model based on sustainable development. Considering the ecosystem and environmental risks that affects growth, a synergy that will protect the environment, and in turn, yield return will help the nation with a double digit growth, provide employment, and strengthen commercial ventures – especially agriculture – which will variably reduce dependence on oil and reduce emission. Although “committed” developing countries fear that the new discourse could be used to justify unilateral trade protection measures, merely strengthening inequalities between rich and poor nations and hindering their development, not much had been heard from the Nigerian government and the economic team on their...
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