Attaining Social Justice

Topics: Social justice, Justice, Paul Farmer Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Attaining social justice
Social justice can be simply explained as the equality of individuals in the world. Social justice is attainable despite all the pessimistic views. Social justice can be attainable by positive actions of individuals, the belief of groups and organizations that every human life matters and the belief that to eradicate social injustice the organization has to begin somewhere. Social justice will also be attainable with the ability of groups to come together and fight for the rights of everyone, and the willingness of the poor to do anything it takes to educate their children. With such positive attitudes by individuals, groups and organizations social justice is attainable. Every drop of water contributes to the sea, in the same way as when every individual keeps a positive attitude and contributes to achieve social justice, it becomes easier to attain. In the text Mountains Beyond Mountains, there are many examples of positive actions by both Paul Farmer and Partners in Health to attain social justice. Paul Farmer is one of the most optimistic and altruistic people; he was one of the one of the first people to take an initiative to attain social justice and make a change in Haiti. An example of Farmer’s efforts can be seen in his first year in Haiti, when a pregnant woman needed a blood transfusion but her sister was unable to afford it. Farmer ran around trying to gather some money, so that the woman’s sister could pay for the blood and transfusion. Even though Farmer was unable to help the woman and her child, it was a positive attitude for Farmer to make an effort to help the woman, when everyone had given up. Farmer demonstrates the power of the individual, which makes it clear that social justice becomes more attainable with every individual’s contribution. Another example of an individual’s contribution to attain social justice can be seen in the documentary Black Gold. There is social injustice in the lives of coffee farmers in...
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