Attack of the aliens

Topics: Population density, Population, Earth, World population, Demography, Planet / Pages: 3 (572 words) / Published: Nov 26th, 2013
Attack of the Aliens

General P- May 2nd 0300 hours, 12 people reported to sighting UFO’s in 3 different provinces in Canada. Vancover, Orangville Ontario, and Quebec city. There has been more than 50 reports on this new alien species across the country and reports are claiming a significant exponential decrease in our natural resources of animals and plants. There are signs of them colonizing the earth. They plan on using our resources to help offset the need of their planet.
Leutentant- Good God! We have environmental problems of our own!
General P- It gets worse. (Sigh) They have already started reproducing and some aliens already claimed to moving and permantly settling down on earth. I’m afraid, Leutenant.
Leutentant - There simply is no room for them here on earth. We should try to put them in concentration camps. Eliminate them now!
Scientist - Hault! These alien are fairly intellegent creatures. They’re far more advanced in body structure than us currently in our human evolution and our technology can’t even compare with their’s. I’ve seen their weapons and they are far too powerful. These aliens are able to unlock the secret of travel at the speed of light. We simply are unable to attack them currently. They’re unwilling to negotiate.
Major - But if they aren’t willing to negotiate, what can we do? We have to try to get their attention.
Scientist- This extraterrestrial species nickname “extraterrestial 12” have successfully adapted themselves to be able to live on this planet. Because of this, there population has exploded within the last month. Extraterrestial 12 has what is known as a high fecundity level. They are able to carry around 3 offspring during pregnancy. They also give birth to there offspring ready to be born in a 4 month span. What is even more remarkable is that once born, they mature in 9 earth years and are ready to mate. They also have a life expentacy of 90 years. With there ability to reproduce so quickly , according to

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