Attachment Styles Analysis
Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Love, Attachment theory, High school, Developmental psychology / Pages: 7 (1561 words) / Published: Apr 29th, 2017

Attachment styles can be explained by many different factors in a person’s life. The first-place humans learn attachment styles are relationships as children. Attachment styles can change throughout a person’s life depending on their environment. The four styles talked about in communications are secure, fearful, dismissive, and anxious/ambivalent. A secure style is when a person had a positive outlook on themselves and others. These people tend to have more trust in others. The second style, dismissive, is when a person has a positive perspective on themselves but not others. These people do not like to trust others. The third style is fearful. This is a person who does not have a positive view on anyone including themselves. A …show more content…
One Friend I started hanging out with more that summer was Evan. Evan is a great guy, he is smart and amazing at baseball. He was even getting looked at by a couple of big colleges to play for them. He is one of those guys that always has your back and everyone wants to be his friend. I grew up with Evan, and have many amazing memories with him, like the time he told me that he hated me in the fourth grade because the teacher told him he needed to write more like me. Or all the years we played basketball together (neither of us were very good). I think he had a secure attachment style, he always seemed positive and never talked bad about …show more content…
I was getting out of the grieving stage and became more open with others, more secure. As I look at myself in college however, I think I have developed more of a fearful style. When it comes to friends in college it is almost all football team mates. I look back and realize that I have not made an effort to uphold a male female relationship since his death. This may be because I am afraid to lose someone that close to me again. Although, I think I became mentally stronger from the whole thing, I want to have a positive outlook on everyone and create close

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