Attachment Style and Relationships Paper

Topics: Love, Attachment theory, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: October 15, 2010
Attachment Style and Relationships Paper
Janice Guevara
August 11, 2020
Psy 220

(Part 1)
Three main components make up Sternberg’s model of love, passion, intimacy and commitment. From those three they are set up into different combinations to make seven sub-types of love. Passion can be described as the component that reflects romance, attraction and sexual needs in the relationship. Many can get confused on how passion works in a relationship. As we know, passion is powerful feeling, whether it is from love or hate. Someone can love someone but have no passion, as well be full of passion and deeply in love with that person. Intimacy is feelings of trust, the ability to share that you truly are with you partner, the feeling of closeness you have with that person. This is when you explore what commonalities or interest you having with the other person. Commitment is making the decision to keep the relationship as a long-term relationship.

When you combine some of these components, you make up different love relationships. For example if consummate love, has all three components passion, intimacy, and commitment. Consummate love is the model relationship, the relationship everyone wishes to have but not many do because of the challenges faced. Another sub-type of love is romantic love, which has the passion and the intimacy but lacks in commitment. This love can be described as the summer romance, the heat is there but once summer ends so does, the love there is no commitment to one another. Love at first sight! Nope sorry that was likely to be just infatuation. Infatuation has passion but has no commitment or intimacy. A love that common in most in marriages is companionate love. Companionate love is made up of commitment and intimacy while passion is no longer there. Maybe the couple use to have consummate love, the ideal love but the passion has faded with time and now they are only together because of the commitment they have to each other (use to...
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