ATP/CP Pathway

Topics: Flexion, Physical exercise, Hip flexors Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: April 22, 2014
The exercise routine I will be using are the Clean, 400 meter sprint, and 3000 meter rower. The three pathways the body uses for energy are the ATP/CP, glycolytic, and the oxidative pathways. The ATP/CP pathway is anaerobic and only lasts for about 3 to 10 seconds of full muscular movement. The Clean is the exercise that utilizes this pathway directly. The Clean is a ballistic movement requiring explosive strength. All exercises start at the ATP/CP pathway, then due to length or intensity the other pathways are activated. I chose the 400 meter run to be the exercise that specifically utilizes the glycolytic pathway. The glycolytic pathway is also anaerobic. In this sprint you will be running 400 meters as fast as you can for about a minute. Due to the nature of the exercise the ATP/CP pathway is also utilized but is not the goal pathway we are trying to utilize. The glycolytic pathway lasts for about one to two minutes of maximum exertion. If the maximum effort is exerted for more than two minutes the oxidative pathway will start to be utilized. The last exercise in our routine is the 3000 meter Rower. Let’s remember that all three pathways will be utilized in the rower, due to the nature of the exercise. The rower was chosen due to it utilizing the oxidative pathway directly though. The oxidative pathway is aerobic. After about two minutes of rowing, the body starts utilizing the oxidative pathway. This utilization will continue until the work out completes. Week 3 Assignment

I started with conducting the posture test on myself. I am a 176lb, 29 year old male. I started by placing the back of my heels against a wall. My body naturally aligned properly, except for my head. From my heels, calves, buttocks, and upper back rested comfortable against the wall. I seem to have a slight anterior tilt from the base of my neck. I feel tightness in my neck most of the time. It seems my cervical extensors and upper trapeziuses are the...
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