Atomic Bombs

Topics: Islam, Religion, Taliban Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: December 12, 2013

Composition II

“You Have Atomic Bombs, but We Have Suicide Bombers”
In Rohde’s article we learn of his experience as a hostage in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He explains the Islamic cultures and values, but shows us his view on them. Their cultures have some similarities, but more differences. We both have religions, but Americans approach their religion differently and less violently. America’s whole reality and country differs greatly from the Taliban’s society. The Taliban’s reality differs from ours, because they have rules and customs for many things. Here in America we have rules and customs, but we look at them more as laws, because that is what they are. If you don’t follow them you either receive a fine or you are arrested and brought to jail or prison. In Afghanistan and Pakistan if you do not follow the Taliban’s rules you will either get kidnapped, tortured or killed by one of their soldiers. Unlike in the U.S. they would force you to read the Koran in Afghanistan, to press you to convert to their religions if you wanted to do it or not. In the U.S. you have the freedom to choose which religious group you want to be a part of, of course others will have their opinions, but you are still free to do what you want. Religious zealotry plays a big role in the Taliban’s society. They would put fear into the hearts of anyone who did not want to convert to their religions. The kidnappers would tell the hostages that “If I fail to convert, they said, I would suffer excruciating pain in the fires of hell”, as said by David Rhode. Most of the time they have no choice but to read the Koran and learn about their religions or the hostages will receive cruel punishment. In the U.S. religious zealotry isn’t very common, but there are people who take religion seriously. They go to church very often, read the bible, and try to spread their religion, but never try to force or threaten people to join their religious groups in a violent manner. Along with...
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