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Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Truman

By Nazzy4567 Mar 16, 2015 1720 Words

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Anisa Nakhuda

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Historical Background3
Hiroshima Aftermath4


Hiroshima is the largest island of Japan. It is known for the disastrous atomic bomb that had been thrown by the American’s in 1945, on the 6th of August, at 8.15 in the morning. The bomb killed many people and destroyed many buildings and houses. The effects of the bomb are still present today, resulting in disabled or mutated children. America is blamed for the drop of the atomic bomb but the Americans play to be innocent. They don’t want to be proved wrong nor take the blame. The American’s believe that the bomb had been dropped by accident or for a good cause but we think otherwise. At this time there were great conflicts between the big three (Stalin, Churchill and Truman [Roosevelt replaced Truman after his death]). Each one of them tried to out-run the other although Stalin proved to be the most intelligent. Truman had been waiting for a long time for America to complete the bomb making process. As soon as news reached that the bomb was made, Truman was the happiest man on earth and all his problems were solved. He no longer needed the other two and so started to disagree with statements. This had caused great trouble between the three in which the cold war had intensified. Problems had increased greatly between Churchill, Truman and Stalin, Hiroshima’s bombing just added to the list. Hiroshima suffered and still is suffering a lot because of America. It was a cold murder and not something that can be by-passed as the American’s believed.

Historical Background

Truman was in war with Japan even before the great bombing. He had wanted help from Churchill and especially Stalin. Truman had agreed to many statements just to get that support. Stalin’s agreement did not come without a condition for which Truman did not hesitate to agree to. It was like the appeasement of Hitler all over again except this time it was between Truman and Stalin. In the time of their agreement America had been successful in creating the first atomic bomb. Truman was so happy with this creation as he no longer needed the help of the others with Japan. Now he was able to destroy Japan with just one bomb. By the 3rd of August 1945 Japan was willing to surrender but it came with a price Truman did not want to pay. On the 6th of August Truman had stroke Japan, Hiroshima. America had been warned from using the bomb on Japan but America is not a country which likes to listen to advice when given. Hiroshima was not the only place attacked but also Nagasaki. America’s defence of using the bombs were that killing thousands of people and causing centuries of disabilities is better than killing millions of American casualties needed to fight in Japan. Truman also believed that dropping the bomb would stop Stalin from taking over the pacific as well Eastern Europe. After the bomb was dropped many conflicts and personalities had risen, especially between Truman and Stalin. Truman started to get more bolder and Stalin had become more aggressive. Truman had not told Stalin about the atomic bomb specifically although he did vaguely mention it during their meetings. Because of this Stalin grew angry and in anger ordered his people to create the same bomb. This started the bomb race between countries. Argument

There are always two sides of an argument, those for and those against. With Hiroshima’s case America was for bombing while Japan and justice speak against. Some people think that what America did was right and just but for me Justice is speaking for the people of Japan against America’s ideals. Japan was on the verge of surrender. In fact they were surrendering but Truman was so adamant on using the bomb, he just had to shoot Japan. The heads of US Military had also denied using the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Brigadier Gen. Carter W. Clarke stated: “We brought them down to an abject surrender through the accelerated sinking of their merchant marine and hunger alone, and when we didn’t need to do it, and we knew we didn’t need to do it, and they knew that we knew we didn’t need to do it, we used them as an experiment for two atomic bombs.” Although Japan had put in some conditions in for surrender America had reluctantly agreed. They had no right to go bombing them if America themselves were accepting the conditions. Air force General Claire Chennault stated that: “Russia’s entry into the Japanese war was the decisive factor in speeding its end and would have been so even if no atomic bombs had been dropped”. If America had already organised a peace treaty with Russia, that itself had given them enough power to over-throw Japan without the need of Atomic bombs. In all honesty America was and is a country that can’t live without causing some chaos. They are born to murder whether it is Syria of today or Japan of the past. Truman wanted to save the million American lives that could be lost. If you look at it from that perspective Truman did what benefited his people and country. Truman tried to save his military force by defeating Japan with his own hands (the bomb). Although he tried doing what was best he did not succeed. Truman didn’t look at the bigger picture. He had Stalin’s support to go for war. His bomb did not only killed thousand but are affecting millions till now. Truman’s bomb has killed millions in the on- going process of the bomb aftermaths. The people who died in the military would not have been such a big issue as the bomb effect had been. People die in war every day, its natural. People being born disabled and mutated is rare but because of the bomb a natural occurrence in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hiroshima Aftermath

The Hiroshima bombing had come with many consequences. These consequences were not only the relationship between the Three Powers but also countries. This type of bomb had come as a shock to Stalin as he did not know of it. Because of his obliviousness Stalin called for his people to make a replica of the bomb. This had started the nuclear arms race. This race was between America and Russia on who can create the most bombe and the most powerful ones. The bomb dropping was to intimidate Russia. This only infuriated Stalin and caused him to work harder. Truman thought he was on top of the world after the event. He started to become much bolder and aggressive. He started to team against the communists from which he wanted help from in the beginning. Truman was all in for pleasing the soviets in his time of need but as soon as he realized they were not needed for his service he said that 'I'm sick of babying the Soviets'. Stalin was a communist something the democratic nations hated. After Truman’s small victory he started to openly express his hatred for Stalin. Truman and Stalin’s relationship was mutually based. The both hid stuff from each other and they both shared the same hatred. Although they had worked together for a short period of time they would always be conspiring against one another. However, the relationship of Churchill and Truman was running stronger than ever. They announced their relation as a birth of a special friendship. They were both democratic so they did not carry the same hate as suppose to Stalin. In fact Churchill was on the in of Truman’s atomic bomb. He knew what was going on. Japan has never been able to forgive America and they have every right to. They haven’t come in any peace treaty throughout the years.


The bomb that had been taken place in Japan spread to about ten square kilometres and exploded 580 metres off the ground. Many people died or in other words murdered by the United States of America. America took lives of innocent people. Some survived but have still not forgotten that drastic day. Till now Japan has not signed a peace treaty signifying the end of the Cold War because of America’s deeds. I believe that what Truman had done is unforgivable. All his reasoning has proved to be invalid. His actions are referred to barbaric and inhumane. Hiroshima deserves life that will bring no harm but instead live in on-going diseases which have no cure. America’s actions are not justified and no explanation can justify them. America is country with a nose just as big a Pinocchio’s but the difference is Pinocchio made up for his mistakes and once again did good but America’s nose just gets bigger as the days go on. Bibliography

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