Atom and Democritus

Topics: Atom, Democritus, Plato Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: October 15, 2008
Democritus was a natural philosopher but also a mathematician. Democritus was a Greek, with many talents who traveled the east to acquire knowledge. Little is known about his life because records were not kept. all we know are some major discoveries that were recovered. Demoritus was born in Abdera, Thrace about 460B.C. and died about 370 B.C. He was schooled at Pythagorean but traveled to Athens to visit Anaxagoras, a great mathematician that wanted nothing with Democritus. His father was from a noble family and of great wealth, which Democritus inherited and decided to travel to but not limited to Egypt, India, Etheopia, Babylon, and Persia. When Democritus decided to return to his hometown his brother Damosis, took him in. According to the law of Abdera, whoever wasted their fathers inheritance(Democritus spent his inheritance during his travels) would be deprived of the rights of burial. Democritus was mostly known for his greatest achievment, which was the Atomic Theory of Matter. This was the concept that all things were composed of small, invisible, indestructible particles of pure matter. But he had manyother views on things like the creation of a world which he saw as the consequence of the constant whirling movement of atoms in space. Also another theory that he had was that the human soul was made up of atoms, also that spirit and soul were objects that were determined like all other material, which meant there was no free will, soul, or even an afterlife. In conclusion, he was a man of many thoughts and ideas, who lived a long fulfilling life. He contributed many theories that are still in use today and for many years to come. Not much of his childhood may be known but that doesn't stop us from acknowledging and appreciating the things that he did during his lifetime
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