Atmospheric Heating, Weather Fluxes, and Their Effects on Our Health

Topics: Infectious disease, Disease, Precipitation Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Atmospheric Heating, Weather Fluxes, and Their Effects on Our Health

The article “Is Global Warming Harmful to Health?” states that not many scientists believe in the idea that the atmosphere is heating up. They do, however, believe that the rate of heating is hastening and that the impacts of the temperature change could begin to be a problem. Problems such as: glacier melts, flooding, oceans warming up, a shift in arable lands, and sporadic, unpredictable weather patterns and storms. And these issues may just be the beginning of a much bigger one.

Recently, computer models have begun to envisage that with the atmosphere beginning to change –and all of the complications that go along with that– as will the frequency and circulation of very severe medical disorders.

The heat will eventually begin to be so intense that the number of heat-wave related deaths is anticipated to double by the year 2020. Continued heat will also lead to increased production of smog and diaspora of allergens –which will lead to respiratory problems. The change in weather patterns also affects a human’s well-being exponentially.

Due to the alteration of weather, the number of droughts and floods will drastically increase. Evidence to this would be how, over the past century, random and rapid bouts of precipitation have come to be more frequent. Along with these natural disasters come death, starvation, and a redevelopment and an extended range of infectious diseases. This would be problematic seeing as once a disease settles itself in a community, that disease can be very difficult to control.

Also, the increased temperature can accelerate the rate at which the water cycle occurs. This, in turn, will cause more frequent and more intense rain showers. The heat will also cause larger arid land areas that will induce a drop in the pressure gradient. This drop in the pressure gradient will trigger tempestuous winds that will eventually lead to tornadoes and other high-winded...
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