Atm Pos Processing

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ATM / POS Processing System

ATM / POS Processing, an enterprise transaction processing and management system that adheres to open system concepts and client/server architecture. The transaction processing engine resides proven and robust UNIX platforms while the user interfaces reside on Windows client workstations. System data is stored in an ANSI compliant relational database. u/SWITCHWARE ® software from CSFi is the foundation for the advanced ATM / POS terminal driving and transaction switching system, coupled with SDS’s unparalleled customer service and 24/7 monitoring and support.

In a typical environment, Our ATM / POS Processing Solution provides hosted ATM / POS terminal support, an interface to SDS’s Core Banking Solution or another core financial system and connectivity to regional, national or international networks. Other interfaces may include a host security module, card output device, automated notification system and ancillary applications for credit card, telephone or Internet banking functions. The primary purpose of the system is to perform transaction processing and routing decisions. Functions include sending on-us transactions to a primary authorizer, switching foreign transactions to EFT networks, performing PIN validation, standing in when the primary authorizer is unavailable and performing processing decisions according to predetermined financial institution settings.

General Functions
• Hosted ATM and POS terminal driving.
• Real-time or batch interface to core financial system for authorization. • Stand-in authorization when the core financial system is unavailable. • Card file management.
• Gateway to regional, national and international EFT networks including Visa, MasterCard, NYCE, and STAR. • Interfaces to ancillary application software such as credit card, telephone or Internet banking systems. • Supports industry-standard data security methods including DES, 3DES, MACing and verification functions such as CVV, CVC and AVS. • Interfaces to a host security module (HSM) used for secure key storage for cryptographic functions. • Currency conversion functions.

Business Benefits
• Provides control over your own ATM network.
• Eliminate third party transaction fees to process at-us, on-us transactions. • Generate increased fee income from acquired transactions at your ATMs. • Implement new products and services in a timely fashion. • Accumulate MIS information to determine usage trends, view transaction types and activity levels, plan for future ATM deployments, determine cash replenishment schedules and average amounts withdrawn at ATMs. • Personalize your service through system functions including; VIP limits, personal express cash, marketing messages on ATM receipt and customer notes section. • Superior price/performance and return on investment.

System Architecture
Our ATM / POS Processing System’s architecture consists of a UNIX-based transaction switching engine and a Windows® user interface. This approach combines the scalability, integrity and reliability associated with UNIX systems with the familiarity of a Windows® operating environment for daily user functions.

• Scalable UNIX Transaction Processing Engine
• Intuitive Windows Graphical User Interface
• Relational Database
• Table-Driven, Parameterized and Customizable

High Availability
Our ATM / POS Processing Solution can support a variety of system configurations specifically tailored to guard against system disruptions caused by a hardware malfunction.

Multi-Institution Support
Our ATM / POS Processing Solution is configured to support multiple financial institutions with proprietary ATMs and card issues.

Transaction Validation & Switching
The main function of Our ATM / POS Processing Solution is to interrogate incoming transaction messages and perform validity checks and routing decisions. Functions include:

• Acquiring and authorization of at-us, onus transactions. • Processing issuer...
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