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Topics: Equestrianism, Horse – Case Study

1. What is the nature of the market segment(s) served by To which VALS group(s) would the typical member be assigned? Based on the services offered on its site, how well does serve its market segment(s)?
The nature of the market segments served by is horse enthusiasts and riders based out of Atlantic Canada. With regards to the VALS system, the typical member would be assigned as Makers, who are defined as action-oriented and tend to focus their energy on self-sufficiency. Often found working on their cars, canning their own vegetables, or building their own houses. (Solomon, Zaichkowsky & Polegato, 2011, p. 191). However, in this instance, the members would be more concerned with working with their horses, their horse-related equipment and associated activities, rather than cars, vegetables and house construction. The self-sufficient aspect of these members would be primarily based off their own interest and benefits from the resources available from for their own horses and horse-related activities. There are also bound to be some Strivers among the members, who are defined as people who tend to be concerned with the approval of others (Solomon, Zaichkowsky & Polegato, 2011, p. 191). These would be the people making a conscious effort for the Rider of the Month distinction and any other kinds of available recognition.
Based on its services such as the Rider of the Month postings, it serves the few strivers that might be associated with them to participate in the necessary activities to achieve this award, thus fitting the approval of others part of their group. Other services that Atlantic Rider provides, such as the discussion board, classifieds section, newsletter, and event listings are highly beneficial for the users, and thus fulfill the self-sufficient priorities they would

References: Solomon, M. R., Zaichkowsky, J. L., & Polegato, R. (2011). Consumer behaviour: Buying, having, and being (5th Can. ed.). Toronto: Pearson Prentice Hall

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