Athletic Shoe and Reebok Tennis Shoes

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The beginning of Reebok can be traced back to as early as the 1890s. A man by the name of Joseph William Foster heard the demands of the athletes who wanted to run faster and developed the first cleated running shoes. By 1895, he had formed J.W. Foster and Sons. This company made hand-stitched athletic shoes for a lot of the top athletes during that time.

This paved the way for the creation of Reebok International, still in England, which was founded by two of Joseph Foster's grandsons. The name "Reebok" is African for gazelle.

In 1979, a man by the name of Paul Fireman bought an exclusive (Wheelen/Hunger, 14-4) North American distribution license from Reebok to market the Reebok shoe in the United States. He started off by marketing three of the running shoes for $60 a piece. During this era, it was the most expensive running shoe on the market. Profits slowly increased.

During this same year, a new fitness craze started to surface; aerobic dancing. At the time, there was not a shoe specifically designed for this type of exercise. The signature "Freestyle" line shoe was introduced and their profits began to climb. In 1985, Reebok USA and Reebok International merged to become Reebok International, Ltd.

Reebok soon became synonymous with women, walking and aerobics. In 1992, Reebok set out to knock Nike out of the top spot as the leading sports and fitness brand. Little did they know that Nike would not be their only adversary.

Brand name – Reebok
Management Team
Financial capital
Quality Products

International sales
Joint Ventures

Core Competencies
Research and development
Competitive Pricing

Finding of Fact 1. In the past, the demand for athletic shoes was extremely competitive. Today's generation, known as the Y Generation, has moved from athletic shoes...
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