Athletes Too Tired For Homework

Topics: Homework, Full-time, Sleep Pages: 2 (983 words) Published: January 4, 2015
Athletes Too Tired For Homework?

Do athletes deserve less homework during their competition season? Athletes are hard workers and the least teachers can do for them is give them less homework during their season as long as they are good students and pay attention in class. It makes sense that some students slack in class, but if there are athletes that pay attention and do their work they deserve less homework so they can focus on their sport after, instead of doing a bunch of homework. Students are at school for six hours a day, then they have homework and athletes don't get that much time a day for their sport. They should be able to practice and play their sport for the same amount of school, so reducing homework would help equal it out. Athletes are too tired juggling school and their sport, they don't get enough sleep, they have hard sporting schedules due to practices and games, and athletes with less homework tend to get better grades. Along with the athletes not having enough sleep, it can cause more injuries, so the more homework athletes get, the higher the chance they could get an injury from staying up too late doing homework. Athletes have to work hard enough for their sport, less homework should be given during their season. Athletes get too tired after practice or a game, so homework is not completed. “I am dead tired the next day and don’t do the homework” (Gremelspacher). Sports can be physically tasking so school on top of that is a task too large. “School, homework, practice/games, family and friends. All these commitments make it hard to fit sleep into the equation” ( With athletes loosing sleep from staying up late doing homework, it can effect their sport and their school work because they would then sleep in their classes, and they could be too tired for practice and get in trouble with their coaches. No teacher likes it when students sleep in class so they should give the athletes a break and give them...
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