Athletes Salaries
Topics: Basketball, National Basketball Association, High school / Pages: 3 (737 words) / Published: Mar 24th, 2014

Siena Shirer
March 6, 2014
College Preparatory English 11

Shirer-1 Thesis Statement: Contrary to popular opinion, professional athletes deserve their salaries because of their talent, the huge revenue they draw, the demands of their job, and society’s emphasis on sports and entertainment.
In order to be a professional athlete you have to be “the best of the best” (figuratively). To become “the best of the best” requires hours and hours of practice. These athletes are born with amazing athletic abilities and then must develop and fine tune those abilities to become professional; those that make it into a professional sport have been playing since they were children. Their childhood lives were dominated by the sport that they play. These athletes have devoted hours and hours of practice and training to become the best. Very few people possess the talent that it takes to become a professional athlete.
The incredible odds against making it into a professional sport, such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), also give insight into the increasing rarity of the scenario. According to the National Federation of High Schools, there are 18,150 high schools in the country with a basketball program; moreover, that adds up to 545,844 high school basketball players who could potentially make it to the NBA. Only the best high school players will have the opportunity to play on one of the 345 Division One college basketball teams; moreover, each college team has a roster of twelve players which means there are 4,140 Division One basketball players in the nation. This being the case, there are only 4,140 spots for these 545,844 high school players to fill. This means there is a 0.0076 percent chance that a particular high school

Shirer-2 athlete will go on to play on a division one college team. The top players at the collegiate level may go on to play in the NBA.
There are sixty draft

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