Athletes Role Models

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Athletes, singers, and celebrities were given the gift of a distinctive and unique talent. When thinking of the topic of role models the very first person who comes to mind, is that of a professional athlete. There are a lot of arguments arising on whether or not athletes should be considered role models. Many believe that a role model must be someone who has a personal relationship or bond with one another; however, a role model is someone who an individual aspires to be. Sports figures are admirable role models both on and off the field although mass media portrays athletes negatively, they set a good example for children to follow.
A role model is a person who serves as an example and their behavior is often copied by others. Good role models...

Weather it is football, golf, track, or wrestling they are all recognized as a completive sport and require a lot of practice. These athletes endure broken bones and dreams not only doing what they love, but providing entertainment to billions of people. Becoming a professional athlete takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Athletes make great role models for young adults that aspire to become an athlete themselves. Athletes are role models whether or not they take the responsibility of making a good example, because children are watching. Athletes are in the public eye and their lives are being watched by many young children. Statistics show that a small amount of student-athletes will become professional athletes; however, this does not mean students should be discouraged from participating in sports (Caulfield, 2011). Being a professional athlete isn’t something that comes easy, it take a lot of hard work. Professional athletes are required to maintain physical agility, strength, and stamina. Some athletes can have the natural ability or they train to be the very best. Playing a sport takes a lot of skill and practice. Athletes compete at the highest levels they are trained and skilled in the sport. Professional athletes eat, sleep, and live sports, when they are not sweating on the field they devote a lot of time to the...
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