Athletes Overpaid

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Rhetorical Analysis
In the article “Do Professional Athletes get paid too much?” by Mihir Bhagat, goes on to talk about different ways why athletes get over paid. He talks about the various athletes that get paid the most and compares what they do to what people in the economy make. He claims that they also teach people some bad things to look up too. Mihir does a great job explaining about when we pay athletes too much, what it can lead to and have an effect in the world.

The article came from Bleacher Report, which is a great website for all sports played in this world that you can go to and learn what’s going on. The author is likely writing this to inform many sports fanatics, but mostly anyone that wants to argue why they get paid too much. We know that this is his audience because he compares athletes to more important jobs in our economy and how the youth looks up to these athletes. He is likely not making his audience any owner or any athlete that tends to make it to the pros.

Bhagat opens the article talking about the one of the most famous athletes in the world and asking a question to get the audience’s attention. Then he goes to compare people that have bigger responsibilities in the economy than what sports stars have to do and how much money they make. He makes a great comparison how Kobe Bryant can make earns him equivalent to classroom teacher’s yearly salary. Then goes on to explain why stars complain and then end up getting their money because owners give in. He is trying to get the point that athletes make enough money in one to two years that they can live off for the rest of their life, while people are doing jobs that have way more responsibility and have to work a life time to live.

The author is trying to make us mad and be angry of the amount of money they make. This is because he talks how players want more money cause what they make won’t support their family and living. But really they want more money to buy...
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