Athletes and Brother's as Role Models

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Athletes and Brothers as Role Models

In today's world, sport stars and other athletes are looked up to by all ages. When a star athlete does something good for charity or helps in a fundraiser, they set a positive example. But when a star athlete does something bad, like get arrested, do drugs, or drinks, they give kids the wrong idea. Often in society, we focus more on stars negative actions instead of their positive actions.

Courage and determination aren’t the only lessons we can learn from successful athletes. Some of the best athletes in history are the ones who can take their achievements in stride. You have to love a sport in order to do it well. Hard-working and motivated people understand that winning isn’t everything. Leading a team in wins or pins, is meaningless when compared to one just giving their best shot at it. Champion distance runner Joan Benoit says,”Winning is neither everything nor the only thing. It is one of many things.”

I am an athlete and have made some poor decisions, but I learned an important lesson on how to be a better role model for my fellow teammates; little brother. I have realized that even if I don’t notice, younger athletes look up to me as a role model. The actions I have done will affect the way the younger athletes look at me. Not only will younger athletes not be able to look up to me, but my own little brother won’t have a role model.

America highlights the negative aspects of a sports star because they want to show what was done wrong and that it is wrong to do. People find that someone doing something wrong is more important than doing something right. This is the reason why you will find more bad reports on sports player than good ones of them on the news. But when an athlete does do something wrong it is commonly something that affects not only them, but their team, friends, family, and fans.

One athlete who was a role model is Michael Vick. Vick was the star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Vick...
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