Athlete Salary Essay

Topics: Professional sports, Amateur sports Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: February 14, 2012
How would you like to get paid millions just because people like to watch you do your job? Well that is exactly what is happening in the world of professional sports. Athletes are being over paid just to play play a game. This kind of income promotes over spending and bad life choices by many playing sports. The salaries of professional athletes need to bee lowered. Many people who have tougher jobs are more deserving of that kind of money, and the athletes that make that kind of money waste it and have no morals. There are definately people more deserving of high salaries than a professional athlete. The president of the united states, who has one of the toughest jobs in the nation, makes no where near as much as an athlete. Barack Obama makes around $400,000 a year while Alex Rodriguez makes around $33 million a year (McSharry... ). Another job that effects the lives of almost every american is the job of a school teacher. School teachers are very deserving of high pay and yet the average income of a high school teacher is only $43,437 (Teacher Salary... ). That is only a mere fraction of what some of today's sports entertainers make. People who serve in the miltary are also much more deserving of a highi salary than an athlete. Anyone who serves in any branch of the military puts their life in danger almost every day on the job. However the average salary of military personnel is only around $60,000 a year (Military Salary... ). That is a very low income for someone who takes the chance of dying everytime they're doing their job. And what if you are in an emergency situation and need to be rushed to a hospital? Your best bet is an ambulance. The person driving the ambulance and rushing you to hekp only gets paid an average of $27, 639 a year (Average Ambulance... )! That pales in comparison to the income of even retired athletes like Michael Jordan who still rakes in around $45 million a year (#18 Michael... ). Although there are a...
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