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John Doe

The article Souled Out by Shaun Powell explains the problems that African American athletes face when they attend a university. Most of these athletes are recruited strictly based off of their performance on the court or the field. While this produces a winning record for the University this does not produce high performing grades in the classroom.

When a coach is recruiting a player who is not a good performer in the classroom he or she runs the risk of bringing an athlete into their program who will not succeed at the university. Unfortunately, most African American athletes do not perform well in the classroom. The lower income communities that they are raised in face many challenges when trying to compete academically with other schools in wealthier areas. This means that even if the African American does all that is required of them in these schools they will still not be able to compare to the academic success of students in other areas. This means that when entering the University level African American students will be a step behind all other students who were educated in higher-income communities. This all relates to the African American athlete because he tends to be less concerned with academics than other students in his same situation who are trying to create a better life for their future.

The African American athlete has developed a bad habit of being satisfied not only with his performance in the classroom but also with allowing administrators to use their authority to make sure that he passes his classes. This does not do anything to help the African American athlete to achieve major success but it instead hinders his future by limiting him to one goal. If the African American athlete cannot perform well enough in the classroom then even more pressure will be placed on his athletic game to be a superstar. Even though he may not notice the pressure...
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