Athlete's Salary Caps

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Narrative Speech Outline
Intro - Attention Getter :In today’s society, one will be paid more if their job is more economically important. So what professions do we define as economically important? Teachers, doctors, public defenders, The President of the United States. Explain relevance of narrative to audience: When I was watching TV the other day they were talking about a player who wanted to be traded to another team mainly because he wasn’t getting paid enough, yet his salary was capped at over $5 million a year. Now I don’t about you, but this definitely made me think about the bigger picture and what’s really taking place in society. Thesis and preview of main points: Do you think an athlete plays as near as vital role in the economy as teachers or even the president? Statistically speaking, athletes are 10 times more important. Some people may think back on high school when their economics teacher talked about capitalism and supply and demand. There are a low supply of good athletes and a high demand to viewer like you and I. Did you ever think of it like this? There are a high demand of students who want to go to school and learn, but there are a low supply of teachers due to the budget cuts here in our own school. Now how does that workout? In the 1996 NBA season playing 3,106 minutes,Michael Jordan made $170,000 a day, equaling out to be $160.97 a second. From now to the end of my speech I would have made about $29,000. Do you think these games should be played for fun rather than for millions of dollars? These athletes sometimes go through life threatening injuries for the love of the game. Considering this, one might think that these athletes do it for the love of the game not for the money.Do you think professional athletes are making too much money in a society where salaries and wages are traditionally based on the value of one’s work? In today's society, a person will be paid more if their job is more economically important....
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