Athens and Sparta
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The Growth of Athens and Sparta
What is a city-state? * A political system consisting of an independent city with sovereignity (the ultimate authority in the decision-making) over a fixed surrounding area for which it served as leader of religious, political, economic, and cultural life. * They had developed when earlier tribal systems broke down and splintered groups established themselves as independent nuclei c. 1000–800 B.C.
Factors leading to the rise of Greek city-states * The economy * Sea power (trade) * Kind of government(authority) * Military defense(Sparta) * Rich nobles who took action * Making allies w/ other cities(war)
Athens * Limited Democracy was the Athenian form of electing a government. * All Athenian men 18 and above can run for a government position. * The ruler of Athens was elected annually.
* Oligarchy was the Spartan form of electing a government. * Government positions were only open to the highest social standing. * Their government consists of 2 kings and an assembly of 28 people. * Five Ephors or Spartan leaders were elected annually.
Relation of Citizens to the State
* Only adult male Athenian citizens who had completed their military training as ephebes had the right to vote in Athens. * Three types of people excluded from democracy: women, slaves and those who were not permanent residents.
* All boys seven and above shall start training in preparation for war. * Women were independent and free. * Helots or Greek slaves were killed by young men in order to become a soldier.

* An Athenian boy was taught at home until the age of 7. * Boys were taught to read, write, count, spell, draw, etc. * Physical Education was important in preparation for war. * Athenian girls were taught by their mothers on household work.
* At the age of 7, the boy would be taken in a military

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