Athenes Olympic Case on MIS

Topics: 2004 Summer Olympics, Athens, Summer Olympic Games, Olympic Games, Greece, 2008 Summer Olympics / Pages: 2 (276 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2013
1. Could the 2004 Athens Olympics have been a success without all of the networks and backup technologies? Answer:
No. Without all of the networks and backup technologies, the 2004 Athens Olympic would not success. The major events in the Olympics were totally relying on that system that the Atos
Origin developed.

2. The 2004 Olympics is a global business. Can a business today succeed without information technology? Why or why not?
There are businesses today that are very successful in their field, but if a business person would adopt Information Technology in the business makes them become more successful and earn more profits, and totally known not only in their specific area but worldwide.
Information Technology can be an important source of competitive advantage over competitors as well as allow firms to build business models using IT infrastructure and applications as enablers to provide better customer service and be an important differentiator.
3. Claude Philipps said dealing with “crazy scenarios of what might happen in every area: a network problem, staff stopped in a traffic jam, a security attack . . . everything that might happen,” was the reason for so much testing. Can you think of other businesses that would require “crazy scenario” testing? Explain.
Engaging in business will create a lot of possible scenario or "crazy scenario", and as a business person you must know what are those scenarios and how would you face it if it would come.
No matter what are the scenarios, as long as you know your business, you have plan and idea of everything that could happen including the risks that would make your business become more successful. You must think for strategy for everything.

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