Athena: One of the Greatest Goddesses

Topics: Athena, Greek mythology, Goddess Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: April 20, 2005
One of the greatest goddesses who lived atop mount Olympus was the goddess Athena. Athena was known as being the goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, and industry, Furthermore; she aided many desperate warriors on their journeys, and for this she is considered very just. With all of her contributions to the race of man such as the olive, the ability to tame the horse, and her creation of the potters wheel, she was greatly admired by humans. Athena was a very thoughtful and intelligent goddess, very rarely did she become angered, and more often thought of a solution, which was beneficial rather than vengeful. She was also one of the three virgin goddesses; she withheld her appetite for love and kept her chastity. With many sources of evidence, it is clear that Athena was one of the greatest of all gods and goddesses, her intellect, moral values, and great gifts to humanity put her atop any other goddess in respect to popularity in Greek culture.

Athena had one of the strangest births of any of the gods. Out of the many gods and goddesses, who lived atop mount Olympus, Zeus reigned above them all. He was the most powerful and strongest of all the gods and goddesses, even if you combined all of their attributes together, they still were no match for Zeus and his dominance, It is no surprise that a god this great should need no woman to bear offspring at the level of the gods. Zeus was told by mother earth and father sky that him, and his wife metis would bare children, which would jeopardize his position as ruler of everything. With this foretold conclusion, Zeus decided to swallow Metis who was about to give birth, and in so gaining her intelligence and wisdom. It is said however, that the result of metis being eaten were Zeus' tremendous headaches. Hephaestus had the solution to these headaches, an axe, the result of the axe and Zeus' skull was that Athena sprang out, fully-grown and Armored. Athena had been given a numerous amount of traits from her mother, more...
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