Atheism vs. Religion

Topics: Religion, Believe, Faith Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: October 29, 2013

Imagine for a second that there is a railroad. On top of this railroad is a man about six feet tall. He is wearing nothing but sandals and a pair of torn jeans. He has not a single hair on the top of his head. He wears but one accessory, and that is a blindfold securely impairing his sight. Another gentleman, a stranger to our first character, has told this man to stand here for forty-eight hours and during that time the train will flatten him at breakneck speeds. The reason this subject is out obeying what he has been told is that he has much unnecessary trust in this stranger. This trust is faith. Some are born with it, others without. Those that are born with this desire to believe something that cannot be validated tend to grow up into the religious body of this world. No matter what they are or where they are from they all tend to believe in a higher creator. In this creator they put all this faith that they have stored up and ready to give.

However, others cannot live with this reasoning of faith. They are those that only believe what they see. Only hard facts and evidence can bring something to light in their eyes. This does not mean they are devoid of life or are ever at a feeling of incompleteness. No, these people that lack faith in that which is not before them are the ones that question everything. They question why they must talk to a higher power on a daily basis. The questions that are brought forth plant a seed that continues to grow throughout their lives. Eventually, when this seed blossoms as does their take on all that is religion. Many of these people shall choose to abandon it altogether. This is the breath of life into Atheism. Atheism has, for many years, been stated as a religion of not believing in any religion. However, saying that atheism is a religion is a lot like declaring that off is a T.V. channel. It is much more a lack of a religion that a belief system in itself.

This battle of nonbeliever against believer has been...
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