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Topics: Religion, Morality, God Pages: 3 (713 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Kyle Miner
Mr. Mafi
English 3-4 ACC/Pd. 6
Atheism is the absence of a belief in a God or gods. Atheists reject all other religions and question the existence of a god. Atheists believe that religion hinders society, as well as limits the exploration of science. Frank Zindler believes that religion has corrupted our ideas of right and wrong and is bad for society. Michael Buckley however believes that Atheists have wrongly accused different religions of being irrational without any supporting knowledge. Some believe that religion harms America by corrupting its leaders who in turn create religion based laws which negatively affect society, whereas some believe that religion is necessary to life, teaches morals, and that Atheists have been bashing religionists for no reason with no real information to back up their accusations.

Atheists believe that God is absent and there is no such thing as a higher power (Atheism n. pag.). The numbers of atheists have increased greatly over the years (Atheism n. pag.). Religionists believe that the bible teaches us the meaning of life (Atheism n. pag.). They also believe that people who reject God go to hell, and that religion provides morality and ethics (Atheism n. pag.). Atheists reject all these views as myths, and say that the suffering in the world is due to religion, and that religion promotes social harm (Atheism n. pag.). Atheists also believe that people can behave morally without a god (Atheism n. pag.).

Frank Zindler believes that religion harms America, and that religion has corrupted our ideas of right and wrong and is overall bad for society. For example, Zindler views religion as a threat to science, saying that science is being threatened by religion, as it hinders scientists’ ability to think without limits (Zindler n. pag.). Zindler also believes that ignoring the problems of religion will lead to the demise of our country as he states that religion has corrupted our most powerful...

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