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We just know needs of Small Business, let’s take a look at what the att providing for customers:

At first, att is providing a fast and stable internet access,

there are thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots in the country, customers can get access to the Basic Wi-Fi service

We are providing:
Wireless: customers Share Internet access, files, servers, printers, and other devices within their office. Customers can use our Most reliable 4G LTE network, the network has the Largest international coverage. That could guaranty business people could have a stable and fast experience when they doing business.

If customers need a robust Internet and networking services, And a static IP address allows customers to host a server for email, FTP, or a website, or provide remote access to a LAN or VPN.

att guarantee if the customer dissatisfied with high Speed Internet service within the first 30 days, att will refund your first month’s recurring fees

Our technicians will install equipment for customers and verify that the services are running or not.

the powerful antivirus, and firewall services can guarantee the security of communication.

att is providing webhosting for the small business, it is an economic solution for some small business owns who want to control their budget.

In addition to the usual online, we still can use mobile and social media to do advertising to reach our customers,

At first, we can Watch for customers’ interaction on social media and tell them what we need

Second, We can identify mobile app that the smb owners are using such as paypal, so we can advertise through those apps to reach our customers.
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