At the Zoo

Topics: Snake, Alligatoridae, Alligator Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: October 19, 2014
 # 23 Ecclesville Road, Rio Claro. 24th. May, 2012. Dear Avenash,

How are you? I hope you are fine. I am fine at the moment. I am writing this letter to tell you about our class outing to the zoo since you couldn’t make it because of your doctor’s appointment. I hope you’re not terribly sick. Maybe this story will brighten up your day…. Well here goes nothing. It all started on Monday 15th. May 23, 2012. All the Std. 3 classes left at 8:OO on the bus. We were going with two of our teachers, Coach Manley Bunz and Ms. B. Haven. Ms. B. Haven, our favourite teacher because she let us do any we want and she didn’t have much rules and Coach Manley Bunz was the strictest teacher in school, you know, the teacher who carries around a telescope to see what we are doing. Before the bus was ready to leave Coach Manley Bunz spoke about some ground rules….. Yeah I didn’t really bother to listen because I’m sure you remember the big long lectures he has that NOBODY ON THIS PLANET would want to hear. The journey took FOREVER but there were some fun things about having to wait long to get there. First of all, the bus had computers and televisions so we could watch television and play on the computers. Along the way we saw places like the San Fernando Hill, U.S. Embassy, Queens Park Savannah, N.A.P.A. and then finally…. We arrived at the Emperor Valley Zoo. Yay! Now all the excitement began. So first we bought our tickets and went inside. Our first stop was the snakes, we were very lucky as we got to see one of the snakes being fed their dinner, three mice. We saw about 15 different kinds of snakes, we saw Rattlesnakes, Horsewhips, Pythons...
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