At Hiruharama

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At Hiruharama – Mr. Tanner Characterization
He plans things in advance:
“Tanner turned over in his minds what he’s day when she told him she was going to have a child.” “When he did catch what she was saying, he hitched up and drove straight into Awanui” to consult a doctor. When the doctor was sent, he calculated the total time that the doctor would arrive so he could take precautions if he did come late. “Say twenty minutes for them to get to Parrish’s loft. Ten minutes for Parrish or the Maori boy to walk up the street to the doctor’s. Two and a half hours for the doctor to drive over, even allowing for his losing the way once. Thirty seconds for him to get down from his trap and open his bag.” He loves his wife very much:

When he consulted with the doctor, he particularly asked the death statistics of women in childbirth. He was very anxious to know the answer. “What about women in childbirth?” He’s worried about the state of health of his wife.

“I ought to have taken you with me, he told Kitty. She said she had been alright. He hadn’t, though, he’d been worried.” He defends his friends:
When the doctor called Brinkman a ‘crank,’ Mr. Tanner told him that he was a dreamer. “’He’s a dreamer,’ Tanner replied, ‘I should term Brinkman a dreamer.” He likes to meet the expectations of his loved ones:

Although he’s illiterate, he strived to practice so he could write to his sister, like what Kitty has persuaded him to do. After his consultation with the doctor, he immediately headed out to the post office to write the letter. “Tanner went over to the post office, where there was free pen and ink if you wanted it, and wrote a letter to his sister.” He’s very resourceful:

He borrowed 2 pigeons from Parrish that flew had homing instincts. He explained his wife’s situation to him and told him that if he saw these birds, he should immediately send for the doctor. “Say twenty minutes for them to get to Parrish’s loft.”...
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