ASUS X44H Batteries with High Quality are designed for ASUS X44H Laptop

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Replacement ASUS X44H Battery (5200mAh)

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Products:ASUS X44H Battery

Toshiba Laptop Batteries

Volt: 10.8 V

Dell Laptop Batteries

Capacity: 5200mAh

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Status: in-store

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Chemistry: Li-ion

Asus Laptop Batteries


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USD $ 64.88

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Dell Sony VGP-BPS13/S Battery
sony-vgp-bps13-s-battery.html (11.1V
10400mAh )

New 100% OEM compatible Guaranteed to meet original specifications.45 Day Money Back Guarantee. Fast shipping, International shipping available .

Replacement ASUS X44H Battery Adapter

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Dell Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery

Products:ASUS X44H Battery Adapter

Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery (11.1V

Status: in-store
Input Voltage: AC100-240V
Output Voltage:DC 19.5V
Output Current: 6-15A
Total Output Power: 120W
Warranty:12 Months
Contents:Genuine charger unit and CA plug

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Dell Samsung R700 Series

USD $ 39.9

Samsung R700 Series Battery (11.1V

New 100% OEM compatible Guaranteed to meet original specifications.45 Day Money Back Guarantee. Fast shipping, International shipping available .
Dell Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery
Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery (11.1V
6600mAh )

Description of ASUS X44H Battery
The ASUS X44H battery has been precision-engineered and rigorously tested for capacity, voltage, compatibility and safety to meet original equipment manufacturer specifications. This high quality ASUS X44H Laptop Batteries will get your laptop up and running the right way at a reduced price. The quality of this ASUS X44H battery is certified as well by TUV,RoHS and the CE to name a few.Battery ASUS X44H ships fast to you and we will stand behind our products for 1 full year. Li-ion batteries ASUS X44H do not suffer from the memory effect. ASUS X44H Battery Compatible Parts:

Asus A42-K54 Battery

ACER Aspire 3680 battery
ACER Aspire 3680 battery (11.1V

ASUS X44H Battery Compatible Models:

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Asus A32-K53 Battery

Asus K53SV-SX169D Battery

Asus K53SV-SX174V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX204V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX223V Battery

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ASUS P53E Series Battery

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ASUS P53S Series Battery

ASUS P53SJ Series Battery

ASUS P43 Battery

ASUS P43E Battery

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ASUS P43J Battery

ASUS P43JC Battery

ASUS P43S Battery

ASUS P43SJ Battery

ASUS P43SL Battery

Asus K53JG Battery

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Asus K53SJ-SX216V Battery

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Asus K53S-SX085 Battery

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Asus K53SV-2GG-SX006V Battery

Asus K53SV-A1 Battery

Asus K53SV-B1 Battery

Asus K53SV-SX045R Battery

Asus K53SV-SX055V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX071V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX075V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX077D Battery

Asus K53SV-SX079V Battery

Sony VGP-BPS9 battery

Asus K53SV-SX080V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX081 Battery

Asus K53SV-SX087V Battery

Sony VGP-BPS13 battery

Asus K53SV-SX121V Battery

Asus K53SV-SX123V Battery...
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