Topics: Planet, Universe, Solar System Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: May 16, 2015

Stephanie Sanchez Figueroa
Instructor: Vincent Tobin
Astronomy 100
November 29, 2014
My Astronomy Interview
Astronomy is the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. The topics that I learned in my astronomy class include the sun and other stars, solar system, stellar evolution, galaxies, and the universe itself. Most of the topics were very interesting to me, because I learned a lot about the universe I live in. Although, I now have some knowledge about the universe, there are a lot of people who know a little to nothing about the universe. The three people I decided to interview to report their knowledge and reaction about the universe were my brother who’s 18, my mom, and my boyfriend. I decided to ask them what they knew about Saturn, which are the four terrestrial planets? How did our galaxy form? And what is a black hole?

To begin, I interviewed my brother first. He has never been a fan of astronomy, so I didn’t expect him to know anything. When I asked him what he knew about Saturn he said “Oh that’s the planet with the rings” that’s pretty much all he knew about it. When I told him that the rings were not solid, but that they were made up of chunks of ice and rock, he was very surprised. He had no idea what the terrestrial planets were. When I asked him how did our galaxy form? He seemed a little confused and said, “I don’t know, the Big Bang?” he was very confused. So I explained to him how Halo stars formed early in the galaxy's history; Disk stars formed later, after much of the galaxy's gas settled into a spinning disk, and that was how our galaxy was formed. He did have some knowledge about what a black hole was he said that it was a “spot in space where nothing can escape, not even light.” At the end of the interview he just said, “I’ve never been interested in space, but what you have told me it’s kind of interesting.”

Secondly, I interviewed my mom. She didn’t...
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