Astronaut: Sun and I. Introduction

Topics: Sun, Solar System, Earth Pages: 1 (194 words) Published: December 3, 2014


The scientific career I selected was an astronaut. The importance of an astronaut is to let us know what is going on up in the solar system, the moon, and other planets. Also we need astronauts to go up in space and fix satellites in the sky. Why I studied this particular career is because the study of space and other planets are important. Why I like this job is because without astronaut’s people would not be able to really see the surface of other planets and how it is different from Earth. I like it because people are able to go into space. People also can discover something new. It advantages are training and activities. Wide recognition.Also respect in society. The reason that led me to selecting this specific career is that I find the job interesting. How it is interesting is because of what they are able to do. They get good pay. Why i like this job is because it has it benefits. These are good paying rate. They get to do things other people aren’t able to do. Also they get to go into space.

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