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Aston Martin – British Excellence

In this piece of coursework I will be looking at the car brand Aston Martin and analyzing what ownership of the car brings to and individual and the associated culture around it. “Power, beauty and soul”

(Aston Martin Slogan)

The quote above is the Aston Martin advertising slogan, which relates to many aspects of the cars themselves, if not all of them. Power beauty and soul can also apply to the general assumptions of people that own the cars such as Prince Charles. This slogan relates to him as the connotation of ‘Power” is true in this case as is the same for Pierce Brosnan; both of whom are iconic British figureheads for two completely different reasons. They make a statement of which they are stylish but conceited when compared to an owner of a Lamborghini.

Aston Martin, the car brand is an icon of British engineering and wealth. Out of all the cars that are developed today, Aston martin is one of the most recognizable and desired vehicles on the market. The reason the car is the most recognizable s because it is a streamlined high profile sports car. The shape and style of the Aston martin hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years from the DB5 – most known from the James Bond film series which adds to the popular culture of today. From the third film in James Bond, the Aston Martin DB5 has become the worlds best known car, this is because of the many times it has appeared from ‘Golden eye’ to ‘Skyfall’ in 2012. This shows that the car is an unforgettable vehicle and has many people desiring to own one. They want to own the Aston because they want to own a piece of British Prowess, to expand on this, after the DB5 had appeared in 4 bond films, the sales of the company had increased which connotes that Everyone does indeed want a piece of Aston Martin.

“Aston Martin DB9 – that’s not a racecar, that’s pornography.” (Jeremy Clarkson)

The quote above is...
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