Assyria and Mesopotamian Civilization Mesopotamia

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Mesopotamian Civilization

Mesopotamia was located between two rivers the Tigris river and the Euphrates river. The rivers were very helpful to them. The rivers gave them water and a way to travel. Between the two rivers was very fertile soil, which helped them, farm near their homes. They also had a semiarid climate, which is it rains a lot and the summers are very hot.

The first civilization was Sumer and they believed in polytheism or the belief in many gods or goddess. They believed that four main gods created the world the god of the sky, wind, foothills, and fresh water. A city-state was built around the ziggurat, it is where the people of the city-state come and worship their god or goddess. In Sumer the priests were the leaders of the city-states. Then by 2375 B.C. Sumer was controlled by one king. In Mesopotamia here were three classes thee upper, in-between, and lower classes.

The famous people in Mesopotamia included Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, Nebuchadnezzar II, and Cyrus the Great. Hammurabi was the ruler of the Babylonian empire he also created the code of Hammurabi. Ashurbanipal was the Assyrian king; he created a huge library called Nineveh. Nebuchadnezzar II drove the Egyptians out of Syria. He also built the Hanging gardens of Babylon. It is now one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Cyrus the Great was a powerful Persian king. He had a vision of conquering lands around Persia.

Some of the inventions in Mesopotamia were the sword and helmet, rings, cuneiform, a stylus, a pictograph, wheels, and nail heads. They built the swords and helmets for there armies and it was an example of advanced technology. They created rings for jewelry. They invented cuneiform for there writing system. They used a stylus to write in cuneiform. Pictographs were the first writing system. They used a wheel to move their plows along faster. They also used very stylish nail heads.

The legacy of Mesopotamia is how they were the first civilization....
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