Topics: Police, Crime, Security Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Today Cyber crime is no longer the domain of high school hackers but is populated by organized criminals, unfriendly nation states and terrorists. The problems we face are far more severe than compromised personal data. Our physical security is threatened by vulnerabilities in our electronic information systems. Now I am quoting here a news article from a very popular internet site, which has a statement from David DeWalt CEO of McAfee as it clearly depicts one of the real challenges in the enforcement of Cyber Law. It reads as "Citing recent highly publicized corporate data breaches that have beset major companies like Ameritrade, Citigroup, and Bank of America, McAfee CEO David DeWalt, said that cyber-crime has become a US$105 billion business that now surpasses the value of the illegal drug trade worldwide. Despite the increase in government compliance requirements and the proliferation of security tools, companies continue to underestimate the threat from phishing, data loss, and other cyber vulnerabilities, DeWalt said. 'Worldwide data losses now represent US$40 billion in losses to affected companies and individuals each year, DeWalt says. But law enforcement's ability to find, prosecute, and punish criminals in cyberspace has not kept up: "If you rob a 7-11 you'll get a much harsher punishment than if you stole millions online," DeWalt remarked. "The cross-border sophistication in tracking and arresting cyber-criminals is just not there."'' Well DeWalt's comment is not just a representation of what is happening in the West or Far East it is a global issue. The challenges in enforcing the cyber law even after Indian IT Act 2000 got amended is still prevailing and is a great threat to our nation as whole and economy in particular. Since this paper is not focused on economical impacts, enforcement and how it can be effectively done I will be going less deeper on those aspects. But in some case studies you will definitely find how it was...
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