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Association of Womens Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) = Promoting the health of women and newborns

Mission: The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses promotes the health of women and newborns. Through its resources, support and education AWHONN empowers its members to excel as professionals and to provide superior care.

Value= AWHONN will be essential to the health of women and newborns. AWHONN will be recognized for its commitment to promoting the health of women and newborns. AWHONN will be a culturally and ethnically diverse nursing association that is an integral part of an international network delivering innovative, evidence-based, and affordable quality programs, products and services with interested world partners.

Professionals and consumers will consider AWHONN the leading nursing authority, advocate and source for the latest in nursing research trends and nursing care related to the health of women and newborns. AWHONN will be one of the most influential health care organizations in the public policy arena. Advantages: AWHONN members, put your membership to work! Access these members-only benefits today: • Members-only pricing on most AWHONN products

• Free copy of AWHONN's Standards for Nursing Practice • Downloadable copies of many AWHONN Education Guides
• Complimentary copy of the Staffing Guidelines
• Opportunities to connect and network thanks to AWHONN Section and Chapter events in your area AWHONN Headquarters
2000 L Street, NW, Suite 740
Washington, DC 20036

|Local: 202-261-2400 | |Toll free US: 800-673-8499 | |Toll free Canada: 800-245-0231 | |Fax: 202-728-0575...
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