Assistive Technology Plan

Topics: Blindness, Visual impairment, Assistive technology Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Assistive Technology Plan
Sarah Isbell
EDU 620/Meeting Individual Student Needs with Technology
Professor Murdock
November 12, 2012

Assistive Technology Plan

Name of Student: Johnny Sweetheart
Disability area: Visual impairment
Age/Grade: 6th grade 11 years old
Description of the learner:
Johnny is totally blind in both eyes. This is a defect from birth and there is no hope for correction. Johnny is a very bright and ambitious student. He does not let his impairment affect the quality of his life. He is completely self-dependent. He uses his walking stick to get from class to class and because the school is equipped with an AT setting, Johnny is able to make to the correct class by using the Braille directly under the room numbers. Johnny is an honor roll student and he would say that his greatest strength is the ability to hone in on his other senses. Johnny is a fantastic saxophonist, in fact he is self-taught thanks to his ability to hone in on his sense of hearing. It is important to Johnny that he is able to play in the school band. Johnny’s parents are his biggest supporters. They knew that his visual impairment would make even the simplest task difficult for him. They want Johnny not only to receive a quality education but they also want him to have a great experience with his passion for music. Their biggest concern is of course Johnny’s well-being. The school is two-stories so it is important that there is an elevator for Johnny, as they fear he may fall or be pushed down the stairs due to being in a hurry to get from one class to the other. Johnny’s parents also worry that Johnny will not make it to the right classes and that he may get lost. The school is equipped to help those with visual impairments. The classrooms and offices have Braille directly on the door underneath the room number or office name. Johnny’s parents want him to be able to interact with other students and gain the social skills that are necessary in everyday life....

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